QTI.JS Sample Tests

Test Description
items (nonlinear) Includes all the example QTI assessment items from the IMS QTI Implementation Guide Version 2.2, plus a few we added. Sixty items in all, which show all 21 QTI interaction types, templates, adaptive items, composite items, MathML support, rubrics, all types of feedback, and many other QTI features. Uses the "qtijs" theme, which adds the QTI.JS logo and a few other tweaks to the "basic" (default) theme. "Non-linear" scrolling-based navigation.
items (linear) The same items as above, but using a "linear" slideshow-style navigation.
BBQs3test Another IMS-distributed QTI assessment. Includes more MathML examples, a variety of basic interaction and feedback types, and custom response and outcome processing. Non-linear.
saxony The "Saxony Interaction Mix" test distributed by IMS. In German, it shows the most frequently used QTI interactions according to the Saxony Department of Education, as well as feedback and rubricBlocks. Non-linear.
english_basicLevel A test with questions in German for students of English. Interesting mainly because it tests the item selection and ordering features of QTI. Non-linear.
english_highLevel Another German test, this time for more advanced students of English. Demonstrates the use of rubricBlocks to display stimulus content. Non-linear.
tao A test exported as a QTI content package from TAO, with fifteen of the out-of-the-box TAO sample items, simply unzipped without any modification. Demonstrates interoperability of TAO and QTI.JS, and support by QTI.JS of the somewhat complex QTI content packaging structures used by TAO. Shows the QTI.JS "basic" (default) theme without any tweaks. Linear.
ccQTIpackage Items distributed by IMS to show a minimalistic profile of QTI, containing multiple choice and text-entry interactions, standard response processing templates, and inline and modal feedback. The QTI.JS take on this package adds a custom QTI.JS theme, responsive with two columns, falling back to one column on narrow devices. Non-linear.
newsquiz A QTI implementation of a New York Times "News Quiz", featuring a custom theme to emulate the original Times style and branding. Features multiple endAttemptInteractions per item, and modalFeedback. Non-linear.
material A QTI test with a custom QTI.JS theme designed for mobile devices, featuring Google's Material Design. Shows QTI preConditions, selection/ordering and custom styling of choiceInteractions. This example uses a qti.local.js script to help with some of the Material Design animations. Linear.
parcc A QTI test with a set of 2017 Released Items from PARCC; specifically, the Grade 5 English Language Arts/Literacy - Literary Analysis Task. The QTI rendition of these items features choiceInteraction, extendedTextInteraction, gapMatchInteraction, and multiple assessmentStimulus elements. The QTI.JS theme is custom and features an imaginary PARCC livery, showing how QTI tests can be presented using QTI.JS in a manner which maintains institutional or organizational identity. The theme also emulates the navigation style of the Pearson TestNav8 practice tests for PARCC: non-linear but slideshow-style. (This is how most QTI delivery engines, other than QTI.JS, interpret non-linear navigation mode.) Some of the features of the custom theme require support from a qti.local.js script.